A clean and well-maintained environment is an inviting one. Employees deserve a healthy workplace to exercise their talents within.

The scent, visual appearance, and overall order is often customers’ first impression, and they deserve one that is welcoming.

However, with high foot traffic areas and general wear and tear, it’s difficult to uphold that ideal. 

Our day porter services in NYC NY, cater to gyms, malls, lobbies, offices, and other such commercial areas that experience the worst of natural filth. Our skilled team uses only the most powerful industrial equipment to take on the mass scale duties, and eco-friendly products that enhance the environment as well as keep it tidy. 

What sets our day porter services apart from typical janitorial duties is our high level of customer service and a crisp appearance. Rather than staying out of sight as most cleaning staff do, day porters remain in the public eye and even offer helpful advice or guidance to your customers.

With this in mind, the equipment we use is quiet and safe around the public, and our uniforms specially customized to enhance the professional atmosphere. 

At NYC Janitorial, we understand the value of efficiency. From maintenance to janitorial to cleaning services, we design a custom plan to suit your unique commercial area and then establish a routine that fits your customers, your employees, and your needs.

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