A clean workplace and employee health are directly correlated. Clean working environment helps reduce employee sick days and this, in turn, improves worker productivity.

In addition, a regular professional cleaning program prevents excessive tear and wear extending the lifespan of a plants’ equipment as well as preserving floors, carpets, and tile surfaces.

NYC Janitorial provides leading industrial cleaning services in NYC, NY, involving a range of heavy industry and commercial applications. Our professionally trained industrial cleaning team understands that there are various apparatus, different substances, and challenging locations which require special cleaning.

We strive to pursue the safest and most effective methods to perform our cleaning duties without interrupting the manufacturies activities.

Our services include:

  • High-level cleaning
  • Industrial damage and spills
  • Food processing plants cleaning
  • Sewer drain cleaning
  • Pressure vessel cleaning
  • Degreasing hard floors
  • Trash disposal and waste management
  • Machine and equipment cleaning and degreasing

We are industrial cleaning professionals equipped with high-end equipment and superior quality cleaning agents to provide the most efficient and effective solutions customized around your special requirements and environment.

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