Keeping learning facilities clean is an important responsibility. Schools are high traffic areas with a variety of individuals including administrators, teachers, students, and visitors.

This creates a broad range of requirements, and therefore, needs careful, detailed, and constant attention. 

There are numerous benefits for keeping your school clean. Some of these are:

  • Helps in improving both indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Creates a positive attitude towards the school
  • Clean environment helps improve staff and student performance
  • Reduces the chances of infections
  • Due to improved health, it helps in reducing sick-day absence for teachers, students, and other workers

NYC Janitorial knows exactly what schools require. We provide quality educational facilities cleaning services in NYC, NY, including private and public schools, early childhood education centers, university and college campuses as well students residences.

Our professionally trained experts are committed to performing our duties with care, expertise, and flexibility at your convenience.

We understand that having safe and trusted environment plays a primary role when working in a school setting. We, therefore, practice infection control and the use of environmentally secure and non-toxic cleaning material to achieve the highest standard of hygiene.

For a cost effective and reliable solution, contact us today. Whether high level disinfecting or daily cleaning, we provide various levels of service to suit your unique requirements and budget.

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